Group Workcamp


Group Workcamps 

We’ve completed 2 days at work camp!

We’ve gotten to know out crew very well that we didn’t have the opportunity to do with 36,000 people in New Orleans. We’ve also gotten to know our residents fairly well. All of our residents are fabulous and even though we came to serve them, they’ve discovered ways to serve us. They’ve provided food, company, and knowledge that we wouldn’t have experienced If they weren’t there. Our breakfast is in the cafeteria, then we have packed lunches at our sites, then come back for snack and dinner. It’s not quite the New Orleans gumbo we were treated to last week, but thats not why we’re here. At programs we alternate between sitting with our youth group and our crew. Having devotions with our crew and youth group have helped us share the day with everyone. At evening programs we sing and dance and we’re planning on teaching some of those songs to all of YOU!


From Youth Gathering to Workcamp (in one easy step?)

The great part of the trip from the youth gathering to workcamp was that God not only gave us safe travels, but kept us pretty close to schedule.  Despite a flight delay – our plane had to taxi back to the airport to let off a youth who was having a medical emergency along with an advisor – we got back to Salem by 11:50, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. 

Haley, Hannah and Marjo made quick stops at home to repack and managed to make it out to North Branford by 2:10.  After a tour of the facilities, we got settled in our room full of other campers and then attended the opening program at 3:00.  Following dinner we went to the evening program where we met our crews and learned what project each of our crews would be working on this week.

Each crew consists of 6 people, 1-2 adults  and 4-5 youth, all from different churches.  Each person on the crew has a job for the week.  The break maker gets lunch & drinks, the devotions leader leads devotions, the organizer keeps the crew packet & 1st aid kit and leads travel talk, the progress reporter reports our progress, the quartermaster gets the tools & ladders, and the work director makes sure the project gets completed.  In their crews, Hannah is an organizer, Marjo is a break maker, and Haley is a work organizer. 

Marjo is painting the interior of a house, Haley is painting the exterior of a large house and installing new windows, and Hannah is painting a front porch and rebuilding back stairs.

We had an evening program, youth group devotions, and all 3 of us were asleep before lights out at 11:00.

We’ll tell you about our first day of work later…


About Group Workcamp

This July, 2 youths from Salem will be heading out with Pastor Marjo on a mission trip. Theyíll be helping to make a difference in the lives of 40 families in the Greater New Haven area who are elderly, disabled, or struggling financially ñ by painting houses inside and out, building or repairing porches, decks and handicapped ramps, and even repairing or replacing roofs.
On the face of it, the appearance is that the residents get the most benefit. Yes, the residents served receive a tangible gift, a freshly painted home or new exterior stairs for example, or a handicapped ramp that offers the freedom to come and go.
But they arenít the only ones whose lives are transformed. The 400 youth who will be coming from all over the country will leave with lives transformed as well. They will receive the reward of putting their faith into action, serving people they have never met. They will have the opportunity to safely explore their faith without being judged or told what to believe. They will experience God-sightings and Christian fellowship and awesome worship experiences. They will learn gratitude. And theyíll even come away with new home repair skills!
The others whose lives are transformed are the adults who volunteer ñ evaluating potential sites, delivering materials, preparing work sites, digging post holes, verifying directions from the lodging facility, preparing the residents and worksites, helping out in the cafeteria, taking photos, assisting with questions and problems at work sites, offering encouragement and suggestions to crews, assisting in the tool room or materials room, loaning ladders, power tools and post-hole diggers, chaperoning, and supporting our youth financially.
Salem members Joe Bales, Bert Andren, Ray Anderson and Steve Kuczo have all stepped up to help with this mission work. You, too, can volunteer ñ for just a day or for a week or more. All camp week volunteers are welcome to join the youth for the evening programs. For more information, talk with Pastor Anderson or contact Workcamp Co-Chairs, Peter Harding (203-253-5748 or or Conner Anderson-Dollhopf (203-982-4334 or To support our youth financially, please make your check out to Salem Lutheran Church and note ìYouth Workcampî on the memo line.