Our Committees

Education: Committed to the ministry of teaching those about Jesus. Interactive educational opportunities are offered for preschool through Confirmation.

Evangelism (Grow the Church): Leads all members of the congregation in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are all witnesses in our daily lives to the love God has shown us.

Fellowship: Plans social activities for our congregational family and organizes the Sunday morning coffee hour. Please join us!

Finance: Supervises all income and expenditures. They also prepare the annual budget of the congregation.

Property: Sees to the maintenance and protection of all church properties. This dedicated group of members keeps our church building in top condition.

Social Ministry: Raises the awareness of our members to those in need locally and worldwide. Ensures there are outreach opportunities for members to respond to God’s call to serve those less fortunate.

Staff Support: Serves as the liaison between members and our paid staff. This is a support system for our staff.

Stewardship: Conducts the annual commitment appeal in a way that also educates our members on the management of their God-given gifts.

Worship & Music: Plans for our worship services. This committee takes care of the many tasks that culminate in meaningful worship services at Salem.  Plans for music to enhance our worship services. We have a very musically talented congregation who helps lead worship through song.