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July 9, 2020

The parable of the sower is a familiar one. The sower is scattering seeds for the crop. Some falls on the path, some on poor soil, some among the weeds, and some on good soil.
Jesus used events and things that were familiar to his listeners when he told a parable. Do you suppose if Jesus were to tell the parable in New England in the 21st century some of the seeds might have fallen along the edge next to the roadside curb?
It might have gone like this – Some of the seeds fill next to the curb where the soil had absorbed to much of the slushy, salty mix the snow plows had pushed up in the winter.
What other illustrations might Jesus have used if he were telling the parable of the sower to us today?
This Sunday’s lesson is the parable of the sower. We encourage you to invite your gardening friends.

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