January 9, 2020

Being sick is no fun. This time of the year we hear public service announcements reminding us to get our flu shots. The internet is bombarded with memes about people being sick.


Each of us reacts differently to being sick. If you had two people with the same cold, you probably would have two different versions of it. One might shrug it off and go on as usual with just some tissues to blow their nose. The other might decide they have to spend the entire time in bed, bundled up, with glasses of juice and bottles of pills near by.


When being sick is more than the annoying cold or flu, we think about going to see someone who can help us get past what ever is making us sick, or at least help us to feel better.


That usually means a trip to the family doctor, maybe the 24 hour walk in clinic, or the emergency room. The first, second or third person one would want to go to for help would be that itinerant preacher who has been going around from town to town with his motley band of followers.


But that’s who the people in Sunday’s lesson turned to. Come to worship this Sunday and see how things turned out form them.


Sunday worship is at 9:30. Coffee hour at 10:30 and Adult Forum at 10:45.


This Week

Thursday, January 23
Food Pantry 4:00
NO Choir


Friday, January 24
Music After School Camp 4:00


Sunday, January 26
Worship 9:30
Coffee Hour 10:30
Adult Forum 10:45
Workcamp Mtg 3:00


Wednesday, Jan 29
Bible Study 9:30


Thursday, January 30
Choir 7:30


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