Just a few reminders about Sunday worship. On June 30th we will have in person worship at 9:30.

The service will also be streamed live on Facebook.

Links for these services can be found on our SalemBridgeport/live page.


June 20, 2021

It’s hurricane season once again. Also thunder storms, tornadoes, and other nasty weather. When weather like that happens, we can retreat indoors to get away from it.
But what if you are out on an open body of water in a small boat when a storm hits? That’s what is happening to the disciples in the Gospel reading for the 4th Sunday after Pentecost. You are familiar with the story. Out on the sea, storm comes up, Jesus is asleep, the disciples wake him, he calms the storm.
This last year may seem like it has been of storm for us. The elements of chaos still seem to wreak havoc in our lives, communities, and in the church—and we become terrified. The Christ who sleeps in the boat is the same Christ who hangs on the cross, seemingly helpless. Yet the helpless one is none other than the all-powerful Lord God. “Who then is this?” but the Lord of all! The God who in the beginning brought order to the chaotic face of the deep now in Christ brings peace as we face the storm. So why are we afraid? Have we still no faith in this helpless Lord who is our only help?

This Week

Sunday, June 20
Worship in-person  9:30  and on Facebook