Just a few reminders about Sunday worship. On September 19th we will have in person worship at 9:30. 

The service can be viewed on Facebook.

Weather permitting, the service will be outdoors in the picnic grove.

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September 19, 2021

Think about the great people you know about. What was it that made them great? Was it because they said “I am the greatest”? Do they repeatedly mention lists of things they’ve accomplished to make themselves great? Are any of these self-declared boasters truly great people, or is that identity only in their mind?
In the gospel lesson appointed for this Sunday, the disciples were arguing among themselves about who was the greatest. Their exchange might have gone something like this.
Peter: I’m the greatest because my name always comes first whenever all of us apostles are named. And I’ll bet I’m going to be the very first pope someday.
John: No, I’m the greatest because Jesus loves me like a brother.
The other disciples might each have had their own criteria.
The gospel reading tells us Jesus is having none of this. Jesus tells them all the only way to be great is to serve. How do we hear the words of Jesus—those who would be first must be last, and those who would have status with God will do so through serving the needy? Is this a word of freedom, or is it a burdensome demand? In his gracious way, Jesus reminds us that in God’s kingdom status is bestowed not on those who seek it, but given to those who completely lack it.

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