November 14, 2019

If the last few days are any indication, it won’t be long before the ground has frozen. All those thoughts about what to do in the garden will be pushed away for a few months. Now and then a stray thought may cross our minds – “Next spring I’ll….” or “Maybe some flowers would look good there…”

Our readings this Sunday are about growing things. In this case a vineyard. Isaiah tells us about a friend who planted a vineyard on a fertile hillside. The friend did all that could be done for the vineyard, but all it yielded was rotten grapes. What should be done with that vineyard?


The Gospel reading is also about a vineyard. The farmer planted a vineyard and then leased it to tenants and went on a journey. Alfter awhile, one of the farmer’s employees was sent to collect the farmer’s share of the produce. What will the tenants do?


Come this Sunday and find out what happened to the vineyard that produced rotten grapes and what happened to the employee who was sent to collect for the farmer.


This Sunday worship service is at 9:30. Coffee hour is at 10:30 and adult forum is at 10:45.

Thursday, Nov 14
Food Pantry 4:00
Choir 7:30


Friday, November 15
Music Theatre 4:00


Saturday, November 16
Innerview Chat n’ Chew
1475 Noble Ave


Sunday, November 17
Worship 9:30
Adult Forum 10:45
Sun Night Alive 6:30


Monday, November 18
Finance 6:30
Executive 7:30


Tuesday, November 19
Beer & Bar Theology


Wed, November 20
Bible Study 9:30
Golden Hill Community


Thursday, Nov 21
Choir 7:30


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