Just a few reminders about Sunday worship. This Sunday, October 1st, worship will be in person at 3160 Park Ave and on FaceBook at 9:30.

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September 24, 2023

When you were young how many times were you told to clean your room and you answered “No! I’m not going to.” Or did you answer “OK. I can go do that”? How often did you follow through on your answer?

If you said you wouldn’t clean your room, but did it anyway, what changed your mind? What if you had said you would, and then didn’t?

There are probably many times when we are asked to do something and we say “Yes” or “No” and then do the opposite of what we said.

And there are as many reason why we changed our minds and did what we did. In this Sunday’s Gospel reading that is the situation we have. One son said “No,” but did it anyway. The other son said “Yes,” but didn’t do it.

We are not told why the two sons changed their minds. We are only left with the question “Which of the two did the will of his father?”

Refill the Pantry

Refill the Pantry program continues this fall with collections for five food pantries from September 2 through October 28 every other Saturday. To sign up as a volunteer or driver, please go to:

Sep 30 – Sterling House, Stop&Shop 200 E. Main St, Stratford volunteersignup.org/3RQKH

Oct 14 – Trumbull Food Pantry, Stop&Shop 110 Quality St, Trumbull volunteersignup.org/AD3L4

Oct 28 – Operation Hope, Stop&Shop, Villa Ave, Fairfield volunteersignup.org/8DXYW