This Sunday, February 25th, worship is in person at 3160 Park Ave. and on Facebook at 9:30!

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February 25, 2024


We like to know what is ahead for us. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. TV meteorologists are usually correct about what is ahead for the next 24 hours. What’s ahead 10 days from now, not so much.

In the lessons for the 2nd Sunday in Lent (see below for the daily readings) Abram (Abraham) probably had a good idea of what was ahead for him and his wife Sarai (Sarah). He was 99 and she was 90. But what they might have thought was ahead for them isn’t what God had ahead for them.

In the Gospel lesson, the disciples probably thought that what was ahead for them wouldn’t be to bad. Jesus had been going around healing people, doing miracles, and sometimes arguing with religious leaders. Might have seemed like a cushy life ahead.

Jesus told them that wasn’t how it was going to be. There was going to suffering, rejection and death.

Ahead of us lies our Lenten journey. Unlike Abraham and Sarah, and the disciples, we know where our Lenten journey leads. It is leading us to the joy of Easter. It’s not an easy journey, but the destination is promised.


Refill the Pantry

Refill the Pantry program has ended for the fall with collections for five food pantries from September 2 through October 28.

Totals for the collections for the spring and fall collections were 17,700 pounds

and $10,600 cash and gift cards!