On January 24th worship at 9:30 will be via Zoom and on Facebook. 

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January 24, 2021

The young mother was frazzled, and was it any wonder?! Here she was working from home in a pandemic, trying to keep the house from flying into utter chaos with everyone at home 24/7, attempting to keep up her husband’s spirits as he tried to figure out what to do now that his work had been shut down, and responding to the unrelenting demands of her 7 and 4 year old boys. She HAD to get her work done, and would just have to tune out all those calls to “Mommy!” And then all of the sudden came the little voice of her 4 year old: “BETH ANN! Could I PLEASE have a cookie?” The little charmer had done it. When all his calls to Mommy had failed, he had finally gotten her attention as he called her by her given name!
This Sunday we’ll look at some of the call stories in the Bible that had to be repeated numerous times before they were heard. From Samuel thinking it was Eli calling him, to Nathaniel brushing off the call of anyone hailing from such a backwater town as Nazareth, to Jonah hopping aboard a ship sailing in the opposite direction from where he was supposed to go, it becomes painfully obvious that God spends a lot of time just trying to get our attention!
Hopefully, you will hear in these words the voice of God attempting to get YOUR attention, inviting you to come and see, to come and hear, to come and experience the transforming power and love of God!
Join us this Sunday via Zoom at 9:30 for worship and then at 10:30 for coffee hour.

This Week

Sunday, January 24
Worship 9:30
Zoom Coffee Hour 10:30

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