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“We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person questions, complexities and all. Join us as we do God’s work in Christ’s name for the life of the world.”
Welcome to believers and questioners, and to questioning believers.

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May 25, 2017

Jesus does not leave his followers orphaned. Through the Holy Spirit Jesus comes to abide with his disciples of every generation. As Pentecost draws near, we are reminded that the risen Christ dwells in us as the Spirit of truth. We receive this Spirit in baptism and pray that in our gathering around the Lord’s table the Spirit will transform us to be the body of the risen Christ in the world.

When Jesus makes this string of promises in John 14, saying that he will remain with us in the Holy Spirit as our Advocate, it’s hard to envision how this support comes to us sometimes. When we do not get to see or hear those we love, the simple gifts Jesus offers in body and blood, bread and wine shared with real warm neighbors have great power. Even when life keeps delivering bad news about how far apart we are from another, how broken our relationships are, “I will not leave you orphaned” is the godly reassurance that we are not alone.

At this Sunday’s Adult Forum, Rich Lansing will tell us about “Books That Didn’t Make It Into the Bible”. The church office will be closed on Monday, the 29th in observance of Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 25
      Food Pantry Setup 8:30
     Food Pantry 4:30
     Choir 7:30

Sunday, May 28

     Worship Service 9:30
    Coffee Hour 10:30
    Adult Forum 10:45
Monday, May 29
Wednesday, May 31
      Bible Study 9:30
Thursday, June 1
      Choir 7:30


Food Pantry

When Salem’s Food Pantry first opened in October, 2015, barely a quarter of the parish hall was used for the shelves of food. Today almost half of the parish hall is being used for the shelves of food, tables full of fruits, vegetables, and bread products.
The pantry is open every 2nd & 4th Thursday from 4:30 – 6:30. Offering healthy and nutritious food items and everyday supplies. Fresh fruits and vegetables will also be available. Volunteers will be graciously accepted. Interested individuals should contact Joe Bales at joebales39@yahoo.com. Monetary contributions and food donations also graciously accepted. To view our Facebook page, click here.

 Youth ministry

We now have a special place on our website for our youth ministry. You can find it under Ministries on the menu bar at the top or by clicking here!

Aging & disability resource

We have added an aging and disability resource guide. You can find it under Resources above or by clicking here.


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