Adult Programs & Learning

  • Beer and Bar Theology: meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays in July at 7:15.
    225 South Frontage Road
    What is bar theology?
    It’s people around a table at a bar, talking about issues of faith and philosophy, ethics and ideas, over a beverage. It’s a safe space, where people can be honest, ask any questions, and at the end of the night, know that it’s perfectly fine if we disagree with one another. In other words, this isn’t worship or Bible study or a Christian small group. It’s a place where anyone no matter what they believe or don’t believe is welcome.
  • Let’s Talk about Life – a lively discussion among people of diverse races, cultures and denominations from mainline to pentecostal. Let’s Talk about Life will be held 2nd & 4th Tuesdays in July at 7:15 – in the youth room behind the stage of Fellowship Hall (enter from upper parking lot through office wing, follow hall around to stairs)
  • Bible Study: takes place Wednesday mornings – 9:30 in the Salem Lounge. We’ll be taking the summer off, and meet again in the fall.
  • Salem Book Club: meets on the first Tuesday at noon in the Salem Lounge. We’re off for the summer…see you in the fall.