September 12, 2019

People sometimes become known not by their names but by something they have done. Think of John Chapman who is better known as Johnny Appleseed. Abraham Lincoln became known as the “Great Emancipator” after issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.  Vlad Dracula, a 15th century ruler in what is now part of Romania, is remembered as Vlad the Impaler for his method of executing his prisoners.


Sometimes people become known by their sports accomplishments. Babe Ruth is known as “The Sultan of Swat”. What if someone were to be known for what they did in wrestling? It’s hard to imagine someone wrestling Hulk Hogan and then being called “The one who wrestled the Hulkster”.


Maybe someone wrestled with God. Not in their spiritual life, but actually, physically wrestled with God. In this Sunday’s lesson that’s what happened. Come Sunday morning and find out about this wrestling match and if someone’s name was changed because of it.


This Sunday worship service is at 9:30. Coffee hour is at 10:30.

Sunday, September 22
Worship 9:30
Coffee Hour 10:30


Monday, September 23
Council 7:00


Wed, September 25
Bible Study 9:30


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